Mr. Prasong Tharachai


In the year 2018, Thailand’s investment condition was better than the past year, 2017. This was because the government had contributed the country’s infrastructure in every aspect. We also were a part of this country developing project since the late of 2017. Meanwhile, the investment of private sector was progressively recovering and will continue better in 2019 as well.

In 2018, it was our pleasure that Project Planning Service PCL. (PPS) was rewarded an ‘Outstanding Sustainability Awards’ and ‘Thailand Sustainability investment 2018’ from SET Sustainability award 2018. The awards caused PPS showed in the list of Thailand Sustainability investment three years in a row. Moreover, we received a five-star excellent level in Corporate Governance Report four years consecutively. The board has been working hard in order to retain these successes. Each director took part in the policy and direction setting as well as administrated with the management sector for the possible risks especially the risk of corruption. This year, PPS has been certified as a member of Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption for the 2nd time with a resolution on 5 November 2018.

Another pleasant matter in 2018 was the Best Company Performance Awards from SET Award 2017. The awards helped to assure that we intend to run our business well on the basis of business sustainability.

In addition, our company always concentrates on successes and profits for the stakeholders on the basis of the trustworthy, trust in the company capability, and trust in the company confidence.

We greatly appreciate and feel thankful to all of the shareholders, customers, managements, staffs of PPS family, mass media, and The Stock Exchange of Thailand’s officers for your assistance, opportunity, and support. Hence, we will perform our best to move the society forward with