The Company has a policy to pay dividends annually to shareholders at least 40 percent of the net profits after all types of reserve deductions required by law considering the Company’s specific financial statement(s). However, dividend payment also depends on cash flows, investment plans, legal requirements, necessity and appropriateness of various factors in the future. The Company needs to make sure that such dividend payment will not affect day-to-day running of the Company in any significant way. A resolution of the Company’s board members approving the payment of dividends is to be submitted to a shareholders’ meeting for approval. Also, the Company’s board of directors is authorized to consider paying dividends in the interim if such payment is deemed appropriate and does not affect the operations of the Company. In any case, the report of such payment is to be prepared and reported to the next shareholders’ meeting.

History of Dividend Payment in the Accounting Years 2016-2018

(Unit : Million Baht)
Item Dividend Payment Information
2016 2017 2018 (proposed)
Net profit - parent company 32.87 46.89 6.97
Dividend pay out 28.31 31.91 16.72
The rate of dividend (%) /1 90.68 68.05 239.89

Remark : /1 - The rate of dividend = Dividends / Net profit