Improvement Committee Report

Dear valued shareholders,

The Improvement Committee was established with the agreement of the Board of Directors due to the solution of the Board of Director Meeting No. 3/2017 on September 11st, 2017, with the attendance of 7 committees; 1 director committee and 6 committees.

Assigned by the Board of Directors, the Improvement Committee has performed duties regarding the responsibilities in International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Duty and Responsibility for Information Systems (IT) in accordance with the Charter of the Improvement Committee.

The Improvement Committee has held the meeting at least twice within 2018 in order to follow the plan regarding the work related to ISO. Moreover, in accordance to the assigned responsibilities, the committees have reviewed, analyzed and evaluated the company’s problems to find the most effective solutions which are compatible with the company’s working system improvement policy. The important issues can be concluded as follows;

  1. Reconsider the charter : The committees have reconsidered the charter and agreed to hold the monthly meeting at least one time per month. As such the committees could plan working policy and specify the company’s achievement.
  2. Reconsider duties and responsibilities regarding to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) : The committees have reviewed and rearranged the document of ISO 9001: 2015 to be the standard for the operation of the company including both quality and physicality in accordance with the operation in headquarter and departments. This document will be applied to the company’s working policy and furthermore to maintain Quality Policy, Quality Objective, Quality Manual and Quality Management System Document of the company.
  3. Reconsider duties and responsibilities regarding to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : The Improvement Committees has realized the duty and responsibility to society and the environment which has a policy to protect the environment continuously every year, including the practice of public benefits to the community all personnel will participate in the development of the organization to achieve sustainability at the same time.
  4. Reconsider duties and responsibilities regarding to the Duty and Responsibility for Information Systems (IT) : The Improvement Committee has improved the working methods in the form of information systems along with developing an application system that can be used together for the entire organization appropriately.

Due to the mentioned working plans, it will help the company’s business conducting become clearer, more stable and effective.

Yours sincerely

(Mr. Eakkamol Lertchunhakiat)
Director of the Improvement Committee