Dr. Phongthon Tharachai

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Throughout the year, Project Planning Service Public Company Limited (“the company”) has undergone many adjustments and there are many disappointed things happened which if we could go back in time, we would not do it. One of our mistakes and unsuccessful is the attempt of seeking the ability from outside individuals and companies to join the venture or to invest with them or for doing business without expertise. All issues which are mentioned causing the company cannot grow and succeed in a new business as intended since we started a business together. As in 2018, the company is aware of this issue, therefore we gradually sold the investments in associated companies and subsidiaries that are inability to gain a profit and/or the company cannot control their direction. Additionally, we reorganized some part of the company’s structure causing the remaining business groups are divided into two main business group which are:

Investment Platform consists of:

Project Technical Support consists of:

In the performance of 2018, besides the company encountered difficulties in the expansion of new business, the company faced with the delay of the projects which may be caused by over-control reasons. Also, the problems from sending personnel into various projects to follow the plan, causing the income did not meet the company’s expectation. Moreover, it is very important when an inconsistency occurred to the construction projects which are the most major revenue of the company, it greatly affects the company’s revenue and profits. It still continues in 2019 as well, hence the company never complacent in this matter and has adjusted the plan and manpower plan to accelerate the situation back to normal as soon as possible.

As for the development plan mentioned in the early 2018, regarding the development of innovation (PPS innovation), the company has continuously developed until SiteWalk has been become version 2 and has been cumulated with the actual recording of the data.

For the five-year plan that the company will have registered capital as three hundred million baht and the income of one billion baht, the company has succeeded in completing the conversion of pps-w1. Currently, PPS has registered capital as 215,999,890.25 baht, and the company plans to increase the capital until reach that point to be used in expansion in further investment platform and project co-development.

For working development to become international and competitive ability at the international level, the company has a joint venture with Oneworks and in 2019, we would be ready for the work in the AEC. However, there might be an additional investment for increasing personnel to support the expansion.

Regarding the re-branding, the new website and marketing materials will be promulgated in this year which for consistent with the changed capabilities and scope of services of the company.

In the difficulties of the past year, PPS has delightful honors and trustworthy from various institutes which we are continuously rewarded the multiple awards in 2018. For example, the company is listed in Thailand Sustainability Index for the fourth consecutive year and received Outstanding Award. Including receiving Best Company Performance Award 2018 from SET award for the second consecutive year. We would like to thank you to all institutes which have always trusted in the company. We aim to continue our business full of our honor.

2018 is the first year that the new company’s sustainability roadmap has been used. We would have developed an innovative and sustained culture to become the corporate culture of our personnel. Also, expanding to society and the nation as well, since living together in harmony is the root of sustainability.

Lastly, I would like to assure that PPS team would operate as well as the confidence and encouragement that our customers, our shareholders and related institutes are always given to us.